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Sleep Consulting Services


Babies 0-3 months 


This is ideal for expecting and new parents  that want to lay the foundation of healthy sleep for their newborn.

Discussion topics: newborn sleep expectations, newborn feedings, safe sleep practices, ideal sleep environment, sleepy cues, soothing techniques, the most effective newborn routines & gentle sleep methods to try with your newborn


Package Includes:

  • Newborn sleep questionnaire 

  • 1-hour consulting call (includes a detailed consultation outline/guide for you to keep)

  • Daytime text support for 4-weeks

Sleepy Baby
Happy Baby


Babies 4-11 months


Are you so tired you can't think clearly? Do you want to help your baby sleep better but you don't know where to start? I will help you establish a sleep routine that fits your baby & parenting style so baby is sleeping independently & the entire family is having more restful days & nights. 


Package Includes:

  • Sleep questionnaire to help me better understand your baby's current sleep habits 

  • Customized sleep plan for your baby that includes specific steps to improve your baby's sleep

  • Kick-off phone call to discuss your sleep plan 

  • Text support for 2-weeks while implementing the plan

  • Wrap-up email to address any final questions & celebrate all your sleep wins!



This call is reserved for a baby that  already

knows how to sleep independently

  • For families looking to trouble shoot specific problems 

  • Great option for returning clients that have come up against new sleep struggles & could use a little extra support

  • Does not include a sleep plan or follow-up support

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