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Sleep Consulting 


Babies up to 4 months 


Add-on option ($150)- 2 hour home visit so I can observe baby & work with parents 1:1 on implementing sleep strategies 

(travel fee may apply if you are located outside of my service area)

This is ideal for expecting and new parents  that want to lay the foundation of healthy sleep for their newborn. Establishing good sleep habits early sets baby up for success so there is less struggle when baby gets older.

I bring my years of experience as a postpartum doula & combine it with my sleep expertise to offer a high level of sleep support during those challenging newborn days. I help you navigate common newborn sleep challenges so you go from feeling overwhelmed to confident parents. This way you can enjoy the newborn stage and the entire family gets more sleep!

Discussion topics: newborn sleep expectations, newborn feedings, safe sleep practices, ideal sleep environment, sleepy cues, soothing techniques, the most effective newborn routines & gentle sleep methods to try with your newborn


Package Includes:

  • 1 hour consulting call to assess your baby's sleep patterns and habits

  • Customized sleep plan that addresses your specific needs & goals

  • 4 weeks of daily Voxer messaging support to provide guidance & support as you work on meeting your sleep goals

Sleepy Baby
Happy Baby


Babies 4 through 11 months


Are you always tired? Do you want to improve your baby's sleep but don't know where to start? I help you establish a sleep routine that fits your baby & parenting style so baby is sleeping independently & the entire family is having more restful days & nights.

My exclusive 4 week sleep coaching package gives us plenty of time to ease into establishing new sleep habits in a way that feels comfortable and low stress.  Together we will troubleshoot all your baby's sleep challenges and work on creating better sleep habits one step at a time. Getting sleep help is not a one-size-fits-all approach, when it comes to sleep, every family has different needs and sleep goals. I will take the time to get to know your family and your baby's unique needs so meeting your sleep goals will feel easy. 


Package Includes:

  • Extensive sleep questionnaire to help me better understand your baby's current sleep patterns & habits 

  • Customized sleep plan for your baby that includes specific steps to improve your baby's sleep

  • 1 hour consulting call to discuss your sleep plan 

  • 4 weeks of daily Voxer messaging support to provide guidance & support as you work on meeting your sleep goals

  • Wrap-up email to address any final questions & celebrate all your sleep wins!


Babies 4 through 11 months


  • This call is a good fit for families that have already established healthy and independent sleep habits for their baby but are looking to troubleshoot specific problem areas

  • Or perhaps sleep has derailed for a specific reason (sickness, travel, sleep regression, major life change, etc.) and you could use some support to get back on track

  • Please keep in mind, this option does not include a sleep plan or follow-up support

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