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My journey to becoming a postpartum doula began with my own postpartum experiences with my two children. Outside of the normal challenges of becoming a new parent, my postpartum transition was very joyful. I really loved the postpartum period. I quickly recognized, though, that many families do not share this same experience which just didn’t feel right to me.

Then one day as I was contemplating my next steps for going back to work, I stumbled upon the world of postpartum doula care.

I felt an instant connection to supporting families in the postpartum period and wanted to explore this opportunity and career change. I quickly found a local postpartum doula training program and got started. I felt confident that my own experiences as a mom would serve as a solid foundation and I had faith that I would be able to bring a high level of care and compassion to supporting families after they brought home their new baby.


Postpartum care and support is my passion. I am so glad I took a leap of faith all those years ago and look forward to many more years of supporting families during the postpartum period. 

When I’m not helping families thrive and grow, you will find me…on outdoor adventures with my family, running the beautiful trails in Austin, traveling with my best friends (I have 8 besties!!), loving on my sweet pup and eating as many breakfast tacos I can get my hands on!

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